Strengthening Shampoo Resistance Extentioniste Kerastase



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Strengthening Shampoo Resistance Extentioniste Kerastase is a luxurious, color-safe shampoo that contains the patented EverCreme ingredient. It can be used on color-treated hair, curly hair, or all hair types. This shampoo is perfect for those who are looking for a shampoo that will not wash out their color or their curls. The EverCreme ingredient is a unique blend of active ingredients that provides protection against the aggressive cleansing action of shampoo. This shampoo also strengthens hair and helps prevent breakage. It has a light, luxurious scent and leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Recommended use:
    • For all hair types
    • Fragile Hair
  • Apply onto wet hair, massage and rinse
  • Type: Shampoo